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Do you want your chambers to stand out from the crowd?

Does the nature of your work indicate that having a management system or quality mark is going to give you a competitive edge? Do you already have BARMARK accreditation and are wondering where to go next?

Through her previous employment with British Standards Institution (BSI), Hilary Estall was instrumental in the devlepment of the BARMARK standard also, auditing numerous BARMARK systems since its launch in 1999. Hilary was also an auditor for the Lexcel practice management standard, during her time with BSI. Now running her own consultancy business, Hilary continues to support chambers seeking to maintain BARMARK requirements as well as those now looking ahead to develop new ways in which to expand their practices.

With Direct Access upon us, chambers are looking at ways to broaden their service provision. They are finding that this requires additional systems and procedures as well as accreditation to certain management standards, most commonly Specialist Quality Mark (SQM) and Lexcel. Doing nothing is not an option for many chambers so now is the time to understand what's involved with achieving new standards.

Hilary's experience means she is well placed to provide advice and guidance to chambers, many of which have not implemented a management standard before, let alone undergone an audit.

If your chambers are considering applying for a management standard, you should first assess your existing arrangements and determine your state of readiness. It’s worth investing in this review in order to be clear about the amount of work and resource which will be required to both achieve and maintain your chosen standard. Having this information allows you to move forward and place attention where it is most needed.

Depending on the outcome of this review (otherwise known as a Gap Analysis), implementation of your management system is likely to take between three and six months. You will also need to allow sufficient time once any new procedures are in place, for them to be embedded into chambers so that staff and members become familiar with them and evidence can be gathered for the external audit.

Hilary will work with you and help you develop your system to suit your way of working. Every set of chambers is made up of a unique group of members and staff and this is reflected in how you choose to develop your management system.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Specialist Quality Mark System Gap Analysis

  • Specialist Quality Mark System Implementation

  • Specialist Quality Mark System Pre Audit Assessment

  • Bar Standards Board Supervision Support and Risk Reviews

If you would like to know more about what is involved in developing a management system and how to meet the requirements of SQM or want to understand more about how to undertaken risk assessments in chambers, please contact Hilary Estall at


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